Welcome to Faerun of old

We start our sojourn in the small town of Daggerford south of Waterdeep on Tarsakh : 1348 DR (Otherwise known as springtime). The adventurers look wide eyed at a world that can grant them wealth, renown, and power. Alas, the world is rife with deadly creatures some hellbent on bringing death to all within their domain. The gods themselves only know if these brave souls will survive to reach their goal. Some deities work with them and through them but other gods actively work to thwart the party’s noble quest, even deities long dead wish their demise should they become too successful in their travels.

For those curious to know the lands they traverse click this portal. If you would like to know more read this small accounting of their adventures.


Our adventures are portray through the Fantasy craft world of physics. The fates have also asked for at least three ‘aspects’ or motivations be chosen to define motivations, personalities, or/and quirks their characters would like to be known to the world and they will be rewarded for their diligence.

Stats: 4d6 drop lowest
Campaign qualities: Fast feats (feat every 2nd level – 2,4,6…), Miracles, and Sorcery

I am currently working on a hero labs version for fantasy craft which will probably be ready in a couple of years…well I hope not that long. I plan on this chronicle being a long running game and while I have metaplot overarc. I encourage exploring the world and making your own adventure as you see fit and I will go along for the ride.

Current antagonists planned: Environment (meaning beasts of the wilds that wish to see you destroyed rather than reach your destination), Zhentarim, and regional antagonists that will vary where the party decides to journey.

Suggestions from able body adventurers

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